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Watch Pilot Episode (5 min)
NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE - Pioneertown Film Festival 
SEMI FINALIST - Sweden Film Awards
A rogue gunslinger roams the desert in an attempt to do good...but despite his good deeds and dashing looks, his past is a little over-baked. A cowboy's inner turmoil is often masked by a sugary coating.

“Cowboy Cookie” is a comedy/drama/action series of gritty, lone ranger western stories following the titular character through various sub-genres like shoot ‘em ups, heists, espionage, even sci-fi. These colorful stories set in an array of western backdrops are just as dramatic as Tombstone, as heroic as Yojimbo, as abrasive as Bone Tomahawk, and as energetic as any Clint Eastwood led spaghetti western…the characters just happen to be delicious dessert treats.

This animated series uses a combination of stop-motion, puppetry, and digital compositing and keyframe animation to achieve both a sweeping cinematic scope and a very tangible feel. 

"Cowboy Cookie" is intended to be a web/streaming series, with one 'pilot' episode completed and four more full length episodes scripted.
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