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Narrative Work

Off Ramp Feature Film

Narrative Projects

Jay jones feat. lil wayne music video

Go Crazy 01.png


Stanley Brand: Chef Ashley Jonique

I'm hit short film


LIKE FAMILY short film

atelier design web series

Xulectra short film

unicorn poop short film

Unicorn Poop.jpeg

commercial Work

ARtscapes AR

Commercial Projects

Elation Studios: How We Curate Records

Elation Cover.png

Tableau Conference 2018 Highlights

Tableau 03 Cover_edited.jpg

Tiger Rock: Tiger Cubs

Veteran Sailing at Community Sailing

Veteran Sailing.png

son of a saint: 2023 reflection

SOAS Recap 02.png

Community Sailing New Orleans

Community Sailing 02.png

Son of a Saint: Culinary Program

SOAS Culinary 01_edited.jpg

The Piece Project

Piece Project 01.png

Tiger Rock Promo


Social Media Projects

food highlight reels

Social media videos intended for use on Instagram Reels, with the purpose of highlighting food served in the client's restaurants in an appetizing and engaging manner. 

Client showcased: Rami Bader, Restaurateur

Production Company: Comfystone Films

hogs for the cause promo reels

Intended for use on social media with the purpose of promoting the upcoming charity event Hogs for the Cause. This was done in a series of interviews that highlight certain competing teams, hype up signature dishes, and propose thought provoking questions related to the event.

The prompt for this project was comedic, in-your-face videos, with a certain "unpolished," home-made look.

Client Showcased: Hogs for the Cause

entrepreneur social reels

Informational, real life experiences, presented in a way that engages viewers, hooks their attention, and leaves them feeling inspired.

Clients showcased: Rami Bader and Baumtech

Production Company: Comfystone Films

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